4v4 Small-sided Game Rules and Guidelines
Pre-K/K/1st Grade Divisions


Team Size: 4 v 4 no goalies


Game Time: 4 x 6 minute quarters. 1st grade 4 X 7 Minute quarters. Quick breaks in-between quarters just to substitute players.


Ball Size: 3


Referee: Not Provided. Both coaches manage the game and their team from field. Coaches should make every attempt to stay to the side of the field and not block playing space on the field.


Substitution: Unlimited. Players should be allowed to play an entire quarter. Substitutions during a quarter should only be to replace tired or injured players. Each player should play at least half the game.


Throw-ins: Balls that go out the side of the field should be restarted with a KICK-IN from the line where it went out.


Goal Kicks: (Restarts when a ball goes out the end of the field) The opposing team must move back to mid-field until the ball is kicked.  Ball should be placed 5 feet in to the field from where it left the field


Headers: There is no heading the ball. Free kick to restart if it occurs.


Corner Kicks: Taken from corner nearest where ball left play. Opposing team must move 8 yards back from ball.

Off Side: None - Not to be called.


Fouls: Fouls are to be used as “teaching moments”. When there are Physical fouls and dangerous situations - Pushing, tripping, hitting, kicking at a player, players on the ground - play must be stopped. Coaches should explain the foul and why it is a foul. Fouls do not need to be intentional, accidental dangerous situations should be stopped too. Player safety should be your primary concern. Play will restart with a free kick where the foul occurred. Repeated fouling and disruptive conduct can be grounds for removal from the game.


Conduct: All players, coaches and supporters are bound by the UDFC Codes of Conduct. Coaches should foster an atmosphere of sportsmanship and instill the same in their supporters. If there are issues with any players, coaches or spectators bring them to the attention of the VP of Intramurals.


Sportsmanship: In keeping with UDFC’s mission, Coaches should refrain from” running up the score” on an opponent. If a game becomes lopsided, coaches are to remove an offensive player from the field to keep the game from getting out of hand. Handshakes are to be conducted at the end of the game.

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