5v5 UDFC Intramural Rules and Guidelines

Team Size: 5v5 (9 players on a team roster) 4 field players and a goalkeeper. 

Goal-keeper: Must wear a contrasting color pinnie, may use gloves.  There is no goalie box.  As long as they are near their own goal, goalies may use their hands.

Game Time: 2 x 20-minute halves. Games should start by 10 minutes after the hour. 3-minute half time.  Each player should play at least half the game.

Ball Size: 3

Referee: May be provided. If there is a Referee- both coaches are to manage their team from the sideline.  Coaches will work with the referee to ensure the fun and safety of all players during the game.  Yelling at or complaining about the ref WILL NOT be tolerated.  If there is no referee – Both coaches are to share referee duty.

Substitution: Unlimited. Players should be substituted at a stoppage in play – half-time, Goal, Kick-in, goal kick, free kick, injury.  Coaches should notify the referee of the need for a substitution and ensure play is stopped by the ref for the substitution.  Try to minimize stoppages.

Throw-ins: Balls leaving the field are restarted with a KICK-IN from the line where it went out.

Goal Kicks: (A restart when an attacking player kicks the ball out the end of the field) The opposing team must move back to mid-field until the ball is kicked, to give the kicking team a chance to get the ball away from their goal. Ball should be placed 5-10 feet on to the field from where it left the field

Corner Kicks: (Restart when a defending player kicks the ball out the end of the field) Taken from the corner nearest where ball left play. Defending team must move 10-15 feet back from ball.

Fouls: Fouls are a “teaching moment”. When there are physical fouls and dangerous situations - Pushing, tripping, hitting, kicking at a player, players on the ground - play must be stopped. Coaches and refs should explain how and why it was a foul. Fouls do not need to be intentional. Accidentally dangerous situations need to be stopped too - Player safety is your primary concern. Restart play with an indirect free kick (cannot be kicked directly in to the goal) from where the foul occurred. Repeated fouling and disruptive conduct may result in a player’s removal from the game.

Sliding & Slide-Tackles: DANGEROUS AND NOT ALLOWED in any Intramural division.  Players should be reminded to stay on their feet. Free-kick to restart

Headers: There is no heading the ball. Free kick to restart.

Off Side: None - Not to be called.

Conduct: All players, coaches and supporters are bound by the UDFC Codes of Conduct. Coaches should foster an atmosphere of sportsmanship and instill the same in their supporters. Refer any issues to the Intramural Coordinator.

Sportsmanship: Coaches should try to keep their team from, “running up the score” on an opponent. If a game becomes lop-sided (+5 goal difference), the team behind may add an extra player to the game.  No handshakes after the game to minimize contact.